A well designed CCTV system can save thousands of pounds in preventing theft and vandalism to a clients home or business premises. They can provide you with additional peace of mind and added protection to your property. They act as a visual deterrent and can be used as evidence, in the event of legal proceedings. Here at Phoenix Fire and Security we offer a wide range of CCTV systems to suit every budget, from a 4 camera system, right through to large systems incorporating video analytics. We will design, install and set up a system to suit your requirements and will show you how to use it. We use a range of manufacturers including HIK vision, IQ, XVision, UNV, Hanwha and many more, which enables us to find the right system for you. We install a number of different systems, incorporating features including:
• Adjustable cameras, both dome and bullet style internal and external cameras
• A variety of image resolutions including full HD, colour, infrared and night vision
• LED security lighting to ensure the best quality pictures to external cameras
• Pan, tilt and zoom features
• Wired or wireless options IP integration, utilising your existing network and offer remote viewing across multiple platforms
• Integration with fire alarm, intruder alarm, access control and home automation systems
• Video analytics including, ANPR, Access Control, POS, object detection and perimeter protection